Hosting Plans

we provide tailored hosting plans for each website!

No one website is ever alike and as such your hosting will depend on what you want your website to do.

Tier I Hosting is our lowest level of hosting and is used to host websites that do not need a huge amount of power, typically informational type websites fall under this heading. But it may include some light weight e-commerce or infrastructure based websites as well. Websites are hosted on a third party partner such as GoDaddy. We have no control over the amount of websites this partner may host on the same server. Cost from $10 to $50 per month*

Tier II Hosting is our middle plan and suited for any larger website, or e-commerce website that will see a lot of traffic.Your website will be hosted on a dedicated server in our partners data center that is reserved exclusively for our customers. We will never have more than 50 websites on this server and it has a lot of resources to handle each and every one of those websites to perfection. Cost from $50 per month*

Tier III Hosting is our highest level of hosting and is used to host websites that are exceptionally popular, and require a lot of resources completely dedicated to them. Your site will be the only site on a dedicated server reserved exclusively for it. Cost from $300 per month.

* cost examples, your cost will depend entirely on services needed and may differ based on things like an SSL certificate, PDF conversions and Emails required



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