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Small Jobs

$40 per hour

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Virus / Malware Removal

We can perform a thorough virus / malware removal.

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Protecting your Computer

We recommend an inspection of your computer once a year. Typically these inspections reveal dozens of malware infections.

The Malware creators are always finding new and devious ways to infect computers.

Over the years we have successfully cleaned tens of thousands of infected files from our customers computers.

A lot of times you do not realize you are infected until it is too late!

Contact us to arrange a Spring Clean of your computer for $60 and we will remove any infections, install Windows Updates and perform other functions to get your computer back to full health!

For $100 we can perform a Spring Clean AND install our recommended suite of protection tools to offer you extensive protection from threats.

Diagnostic and Protection Tools

Nothing beats the protection power of ESET Smart Security at keeping viruses off your computer, when paired with a subscription to MalwareBytes our customers have had very few repeat infections.

We can install licensed copies (1year license) of both on your computer as well as perform our Spring Clean service for a combined cost of $100.

With over 10 years of experience in the IT Industry Regal Computer Services has the expertise and the professionalism you need, so whether you need help with a home computer or a small business system we will be only too pleased to help.



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