Full Computer Service

Starting at $80.00

Small Jobs

$50 per hour

3hr Callout

Starting at $120


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A full repair service can be conducted at our office in Lapel.

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Hardware Repair

If your computer has a hardware problem you can contact us for a free inspection.

We will diagnose the problem and let you know how much it will cost to fix.

Typically our cost is $40 - $60 + parts which will be a LOT cheaper than going out and buying a new computer.

Software Repair

If you are having problems with Windows OR a particular program installed on your computer we can attempt to repair it for you.

Contact us TODAY to find out how much it will cost!

Often the source of a slow computer can be a corrupt program such as an ANTI-VIRUS or Malware / Viral infections.

With over 10 years of experience in the IT Industry Regal Computer Services has the expertise and the professionalism you need, so whether you need help with a home computer or a small business system we will be only too pleased to help.



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