Charity Work with Stolen Horse International

In 2011 we partnered with Stolen Horse International (SHI) to build them a new website to replace their old and outdated HTML based offering.

NetPosse 2008

01 January 2008

NetPosse 2022

01 January 2022

About the Website

The NetPosse website is a complicated Database driven system able to automate many processes that SHI founder Debi Metcalfe had to do by hand at the cost of her time.

This automation expedites processes and ensures that data shows up in a uniform format, features on this website are vast and varied but include PDF generation, automated image creation, eCommerce, emailing, text alerts, billing,GPS coordinate mapping and much much more.

One of our more complex websites, it was created in a few months and has gone through several evolutions and updates in the last 11 years.

Regal Computer Services provides a full hosting package for this customer, with additional services on a month to month contract.

About SHI

SHI is a charity created by Debi Metcalfe to assist in the recovery of stolen horses/livestock/equipment and trailers. It is a one of a kind organization that has helped thousands of people through the years.

Using a network of volunteers and contacts Metcalfe has built up over the many years provides much needed media coverage and makes it harder for thieves to keep their ill-gotten gains.

Stolen Horse International is a service funded largely by donations and the efforts of volunteers and other kind hearted individuals.

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